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Modular homne being set.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding modular homes.


Q: What’s a “mod?”
A: Mod is short for module, one section of a home about the size of a large semi-tractor trailer.


Q: How are modular designs different from the modular homes of years ago?
A: Modular homes started as an economical alternative to "stick-built" homes. They were limited in their design for economic and delivery constraints, making for an uninspired "box-like" home. Today, there is a broad selection of unique plans, the ability to customize your home, while maintaining the modular homes economical appeal.


Q: What’s the difference between a stick-built and a modular home?
A: The term “stick-built” is often taken to mean construction “from scratch” at a job site. The term became popular when panelized construction – a method which uses pre-built wall sections – came into frequent use. Modular homes are partially built in large sections that are delivered to the job site, connected, and finished. Because of the way modules are built in the factory, you could consider the mods themselves to be “stick-built.”


Q: How does modualr construction work?
A: Each module of a house is “stick-built” at stations by highly qualified trades people with methods, materials, quality control standards, and independent code inspections that, as a rule, far exceed the building codes of the home’s final location.


Modules are built at construction facilities, rather than at the job site. This reduces problems with weather delays, sub-contractor no-shows, and damaged or missing materials. One thing you won’t have to do is visit your site late at night or on the weekend to, “make sure everything is okay.”


Q: What happens between the time my home leaves the manufacturing facility and move-in day?
When your home’s modules are complete, they are tightly weather-wrapped for delivery to the building site. Jorgensen Construction will have already fully prepared the grounds and foundation of your home for arrival and assembly of the modules. You can watch as a huge crane lifts each module into position upon your foundation. When all modules are in place, Jorgensen Construction will complete or coordinate all necessary finishing work.


Q: How long will the entire process of building take?
A: It really depends on the type of home you have selected. Construction lead times also vary seasonally. Typically the process takes about 4 months. Once you have chosen the home you wish to build and have made your deposit, the process begins. Your home will be scheduled for construction and delivered to your site. At the same time, building permits are being purchased, site preparations are being made and the foundation is prepared. After the home is placed on the foundation, the finish work is coordinated.


Q: How many designs can I choose from?
A: Stratford Homes alone offers 60 basic home plans and designs – but easy customization makes your options virtually unlimited. Guerdon Homes also offers multiple home plans. You can even provide your own floor plan for consideration. We will work together to get exactly what you want.


Q: How do I add a garage, basement, or deck?
A: They are constructed on site by Jorgensen Construction


Q: I have another question but the answer isn’t here. What do I do?
A: Call or email Jorgensen Construction with your question.