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The Benefits of Modular Homes


A custom system-built modular home offers superior value, attractive styling, comfortable living space, and energy efficiency. The key is an advanced modular construction method, which produces a strongly built home.


Your home is “stick-built” in a manufacturing facilities, just as if it was constructed from scratch on your foundation. Each step of the manufacturing process is closely controlled under ideal conditions, and is thoroughly inspected at each step of the building process to ensure it meets stringent building code requirements.


This exceptional method also provides other major advantages, including customization options, enhanced quality control, centralized indoor construction efficiencies, superior fixtures, materials, and products at lower costs.


More Choices
You pick the home that fits your lifestyle. You can choose from either Stratford Homes or Guerdon Homes. You can modify most of the designs to create your ideal home. In either case, the process begins with custom-designed, flexible floor plans using up-to-date Auto-CAD engineering.


Superior Construction Techniques
Modular homes are built using “best practice” methods and an uncompromising attention to detail. This gives you a home that has exceptional overall quality and value.


Quality Control
Your home is manufactured under closely-controlled conditions. This means your home is not exposed to rain, wind, snow, or other undesirable elements during vulnerable and critical stages of construction.


Fewer Delays
Each modular home is constructed indoors. This means you have fewer concerns and delays resulting from inclement weather.


Long-Term Savings
Enjoy lasting value, comfort, and cost-savings with energy-efficient construction features.


Helpful Advice
We will work closely together to ensure the work on your home is completed to your satisfaction. Jorgensen Construction will guide you through the entire building process.


Trusted Reliability
You will have peace of mind, knowing your home meets or exceeds all local and state building code requirements and is third-party inspected during the manufacturing process.


Quality Components
Your home will be built with national name-brand products and fixtures, at the best value, made possible by volume purchases.


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